Year 2017 in retrospect

It feels like the year just barely started and now we have just days left before it is over! I am not sure if this is me aging or a general trend, but it sure seems like time escapes before our eyes faster and faster. Anyway, I thought it was a good time to recollect what 2017 has brought us as far as the electric vehicle market is concerned. There’s no way I can recap all that the world has been working on in this area, but these are the news and events that deserve the mention in my opinion.







  • President Trump withdraws US from Paris Climate Agreement
  • EU to bypass US government and work with business leaders and state governments instead.


  • EV sales in Norway reach 42% of all new cars sold.
  • UK and France pledge to end sales of gasoline and Diesel cars by 2040.


  • US electric cars’ sales up by 47% in 2017.
  • Charging stations to be deployed alongside gas stations in UK.






My personal highlights:

  • Tesla Model 3 finally available for the customers, despite the production hell.
  • China leading EV transformation with its booming adoption rate.
  • Number of countries officially declaring a phase out of fossil fuels.

There’s no way of course to capture all the exciting and groundbreaking events that took place throughout the year. I am sure I missed some important milestones and I apologize for that. One thing for sure, 2017 deserves the credit for tipping the scale and making everyone (that counts anyway) realize that this is the future and there’s no escape.

The hype is real at last!

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