How much luggage can our Model S carry?

It was great having family in town during the holidays. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end – people have to get back to work, school etc. Dropping them off at the airport provided an opportunity to test some cargo capacity of Model S 🙂

We knew that it can comfortably sit 5 people. What about their luggage though? My wife suggested that we drive our other car (an aging SUV) instead, but I am stubborn and would not give up that easily. I decided to put Tesla to the test:

As you can see, not only is it a great people carrier, but also offers ample space for the luggage for 5 people. Who needs an SUV!


2 thoughts on “How much luggage can our Model S carry?

    • I thought it wasn’t going to fit, to be honest. The hard cases don’t seem to flex as the cloth based ones do 😛


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