Tesla vs Oil Patch

I have watched numerous videos showing off how the car handles varying weather conditions (snow, rain) in different hardware configurations (single vs dual motor). I have watched demos and read articles explaining the inner works of the traction control system that Tesla puts in its vehicles (one such example here). I’ve had my share of fun in a loaner P85D where it self-corrected its course in a split-second when encountering a wet patch of the surface. I knew the system works very well and thanks to much simplified mechanism as compared to traditional gasoline car it can respond much quicker, too. I was not looking forward to additional ways of proving its effectiveness, but the opportunity came without being asked for.

On one fine morning, while merging onto another freeway I ran over a patch of freshly spilled oil, most likely from a canister dropped by a vehicle that must have just passed that way. I saw a darker patch of the road, but thought it was a standing water (hard to differentiate, especially when it is still dark outside). Before it even registered, my car’s stability control quickly kicked in in two rapid successions: first one must have been due to a wheel slip when it came in contact with the oily surface, second due to both left tires now being covered in a messy grease and continuing to lose the grip. It all lasted only few seconds, all while traveling about 50 miles an hour on a curvy on-ramp. One scary experience for me, but my Model S handled it flawlessly and without hesitation, despite being equipped with just a single motor (rear wheel drive).

I have caught the event on my dash cam (one more reason to invest in one!). Here’s the edited footage:

Shortly after this incident I have found a patch of unpaved terrain, to get rid of the excessive oil from the tires. It also gave me a safe opportunity to scramble and find the local police department’s number, so I could inform them about the spill (they already knew and told me that the cleaning crew was already dispatched).

Thanks again Tesla for an extraordinary safety behind every vehicle you put on the road!

2 thoughts on “Tesla vs Oil Patch

  1. Nice to see how modern technology works as it should. Especially when it comes to safety. Cannot imagine what would happend when unexperienced driver goes trough this oil patch in a 300bhp RWD car without traction control turned on.
    It must have been pretty scary, regarding the speed You had. Luckily everything ended up fine.

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