The hype gets real

This was in my mailbox in the afternoon:


While I am holding onto my reservation until we are ready to take a plunge (or have to replace our secondary vehicle – whichever comes first), I decided to take a look at what would the final configuration be like!

Both All-Wheel Drive and Performance options are available now. I will explore both configurations separately.

Model 3 with Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive option


Let’s go with Midnight Silver Metallic (+ $1,000) and 19″ Sport Wheels (+ S1,500):


There’s only one choice of interior (black):


We want Enhanced Autopilot and a promise of Full Self Driving, of course:


The final configuration for All-Wheel Drive version with the features we selected:


It looks like AWD option adds $5,000 to the price of the previously available long-range model. The FSD package also increased in price by $1,000 (now it costs $5,000).

Model 3 with Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and Performance package

Going back to the initial configuration page, let’s choose the Performance option now:


Adding Performance Upgrade as well:


For those waiting for white interior, it appears that it will be an exclusive to Performance edition, at least for now:


It is also an additional $1,500 expense, so I will stick with standard black interior (not a fan of of light interiors for my cars anyway).


Including EAP + FSD to the mix:


… and the final configuration as selected:


At $78,000 it is a hefty expense (and departure from the promised base $35,000 model), but for performance enthusiasts it will probably be worth the money. To me, this comes rather close to Model S 75D. Granted, you would have shorter range (259 vs 310) and you would “sacrifice” 0.7s to go 0-60 mph (4.2s vs 3.5), but you get much more car for similar price. Maybe I am biased by owning Model S already ;). What do you think? Are you more interested in AWD or would you go all the way and select Performance? Or are you waiting for the more affordable “base” configuration? Feel free to leave your comments.

Thanks for checking in!

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