California, here we come! (Road trip 2018 – part 1)

Ever since we came back from last year’s trip we have been dying to hit the road again (me in particular). All our previous voyages led us towards the East Coast, so we have decided that it is time to “turn left” from our home in North Texas and head west for a change. Our primary focus would be California, but we knew there would be plenty to see on our way there and back regardless. As usual, I have left the planning and logistics to my Significant Other (she really excels in this kind of tasks, without a doubt!).

Day 1 – Denton, TX – Tucumcari, NM

Knowing that there is going to be a long day ahead, we have left our home with a full charge around 5:30 am. If there was a supercharger in Wichita Falls, TX, we could have shaved off some time and mileage from our drive, but reading on others’ experience traveling through this corridor we didn’t want to take unnecessary chances and decided to go north towards Oklahoma before heading west on I-40. We made a quick stop in Ardmore, OK, to top up before reaching Oklahoma City. Our quiet hopes that the nearby outlet mall’s public restroom would be open were quickly shattered, as the mall was still closed when we arrived. Not to fret, there are other opportunities along the way!

The next charging destination was in Weatherford, OK, but we wanted to check out the Provine Service Station in Hydro first – a historic landmark on Route 66.

There’s a lot of people putting their efforts in preserving what’s left of the Mother Road. I often think that it would be cool if some of the abandoned gas stations and pumps could be converted into vintage-looking chargers for electric vehicles. This could help to revive the historic route by attracting a brand new type of visitors and ensuring that it stays relevant in 21st century. So, if Tesla or anyone out there picks up on my idea I would settle for a humble percent or two from your future revenue stream. There, I just handed a perfect business opportunity to you at an absolute bargain price!

I was always drawn to Route 66, so it is not a surprise that I am eager to check out its attractions along the way. Coincidentally, the superchargers in Weatherford and Shamrock are located along what used to be the famous road before the Interstate took over, so we had opportunities to either revisit or check out new places of interest. One of them was the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK.

If you are a fan of the Cars movie, the Tower Station and U-Drop-Inn Café in Shamrock will definitely look familiar. It’s a great place to check out some Route 66 souvenirs, refresh yourself with a cup of lemon water/coffee, or simply engage in conversation with one of the lovely people that work at this beautifully restored place. Don’t forget to sign the visitor’s book.

Once the Tesla app notified me that we have enough charge to continue, we left for Amarillo, TX. If this is your first visit you might want to check out the Cadillac Ranch or the Big Texan. The latter will challenge you to the famous free 72 oz steak.

Next, we stopped in Adrian, TX – the midpoint of Route 66.

After that, a quick stretch of legs at Visitor Information Center in Glenrio, NM before embarking on the final leg of our first day – to Tucumcari. You’ve probably heard of the Blue Swan Motel, but this little town is full of attractions related to The Road.

The first day of the trip was behind us. We have covered about 545 miles and spotted exactly one Tesla along the road :).


Charging stops:

  • Departure: 236 miles of range (rated)
  • Ardmore, OK (160 miles left upon arrival; avg 274 Wh/mi; charged to 190 miles)
  • Oklahoma City, OK (92 miles left; avg 262 Wh/mi;  charged to 154 miles)
  • Weatherford, OK (83 miles left; avg 327 Wh/mi; charged to 166 miles)
  • Shamrock, TX (52 miles left; avg 327 Wh/mi; charged to 209 miles)
  • Amarillo, TX (92 miles left; avg  334 Wh/mi; charged to 190)
  • Tucumcari, NM (78 miles left; avg 288 Wh/mi)

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