Trippin’ in EV – Part II

Day 2 (July 31st, 2017): Memphis, TN – Pigeon Forge, TN

Memphis-PigeonForgeMap is courtesy of Google and A Better Route Planner.

Knowing that there will be another long day of driving ahead of us, we have departed Memphis early. Our first “pit stop” was at Jackson, TN. We hadn’t researched much on this town before arriving, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover Casey Jones Village, featuring – among other things – a railway museum and a historic farm.


Our next stop was Loveless Cafe on the outskirts of Nashville, TN. Famous for its home-made biscuits and jams and serving a wide variety of homely food, it became a mandatory stop for us on our journeys East. I will freely admit that I am not a huge fan of corn biscuits, but the ones from Loveless Cafe are exceptional. One could just delight in those alone, always served hot and fresh from the oven. All you need is a spread of butter and some jam to go with it. Yummy!

While we were there, we’ve met a Tesla enthusiast family. I was happy answering all the questions they had and demonstrating features of the car. I haven’t even realized that my girls were almost done shopping for gifts and souvenirs at the store. Time passes by quickly when you talk to other people sharing your passion :).

Continuing on, we had to stop by Tesla Showroom-Service Center in Brentwood, TN and get a full charge, as there won’t be another chance to stop between there and Knoxville.

It should not really count, but thus far this was only the second encounter with another Tesla on the road.
IMG_2481A tricked out Model X P100D outside of Tesla Showroom. Loving this black and white combination!

After relaxing at Tesla’s lounge and enjoying free beverages (Thank you, Tesla!) we have resumed the trip towards Knoxville, TN – our last supercharging stop before the final destination. Yet another convenient location, right next to restaurants and shopping center. We didn’t have to spend much time here since Pigeon Forge was just 30 miles away. It was good to stretch the legs and get some supplies at Target before continuing on.

A side note: it is amazing how quickly Tesla’s supercharging network is expanding. Just a few months after our trip there were at least 2 new locations opened: Dickson and Cookeville. Both of them provide a convenient alternative and help to shorten the charging stops required when traveling along I-40 corridor.

We have concluded our day by reaching The Inn at Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, TN. It would become our base for the next few days as we explore the area. Other than the quirky idea of experiencing Christmas in July (who wouldn’t enjoy cookies with milk or Santa’s presence!), the hotel also facilitated Tesla Destination Charger which gave us a piece of mind before embarking on our daily excursions. Additional surprise: there was a Model X with Florida plates already charging when we arrived.


Number of miles traveled: 440
Number of other Teslas spotted along the way: 1 (not counting those at Tesla Service Center)

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