EarthX 2018 event

EarthX (formerly Earth Day Dallas) has a tradition of inviting North Texas Tesla Owners to exhibit their cars at the expo. This year was no exception and I was privileged enough to join in. What better way to educate people about the benefits of electric vehicles and promote a future of sustainable transport than letting them experience the cars up close and hear directly from us, the owners.


For many of the visitors it was also the first chance to set a foot in a Tesla. Just seeing the excitement and a big grin on their faces was a big reward in itself.

It’s not just about Teslas – the Fiat 500e featured below, owned by a lovely couple who had to search for it in California, definitely attracted attention of passers by.


The liquid sun pouring from the sky (aka rain) provided some time to check out the exhibition halls, where I found some other cars on display. Most of them were gasoline models, but I’ve spotted a handful of EVs: redesigned Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 or Hyundai Kona*. Of course, I could not resits to take a picture of the gorgeous Model 3 in blue!


* – the one on the display was gasoline powered, unfortunately. Sigh…

Some other noteworthy sightings included:

  • electric bicycles (available for test rides, too)
  • hybrid vehicle that are part of energy provider’s maintenance fleet
  • another hybrid belonging to a logistics company

Events such as this are also a great occasion to meet other EV owners and enthusiasts, to share the knowledge, experience and passion. There’s always a chance to make new friends, too (did I mention the owners of the Fiat?).

Despite the inclement weather I was stoked to see how many people actually showed up. It is truly heart-warming to see the interest in renewable energy, recycling or eco-friendly living. Being a part of this event was definitely a great experience and fun. I haven’t realized how much fun I had answering the questions until I woke up the next morning with a soar throat. Oh, the small sacrifices for a greater good. 🙂

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