Tesla launches subsidized charging program


I’ve been rather busy lately (mostly trying to get myself back to shape), hence the frequency of my posts here suffered. I did tweet about the new initiative from Tesla after learning about it through the Dallas Fort Worth Clean Cities website, but I think it deserves more attention. The company has been known for building (and expanding) its Supercharger network to make long-distance travel possible in Model S or X. It has also been partnering with hotel and restaurant owners to install Destination Chargers in order to provide additional infrastructure along the travel routes. The updated program extends that partnership to:

  • Multi-Family residences
  • Workplaces
  • Other (such as state and national parks, garages, shopping centers)

In a nutshell, Tesla will provide free Destination Chargers and subsidize a portion of the electrical installation per each station. It will also provide a generic Level 2 charger for non-Tesla vehicles, at least in the state of Texas (details can be found here).

In my opinion, this is a great initiative, coinciding with the deliveries of Model 3 starting to take place. If you own a Tesla, plan to buy one in future or simply know someone at your workplace or apartments that does, I would suggest to contact the company directly and find out more about this program. More details and contact forms can be found on Tesla’s website at https://www.tesla.com/charging-partners.


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