An inspiring story

A post on TMC forum by Alan Miller on behalf of his friend Matthew Chan, who has been diagnosed with advanced stage of cancer is both touching and inspiring. Matt, 39, is an EV nut (as his friend calls him) and a Tesla fan (he owns two). One of the items on his bucket list is to be able to meet either J.B. Straubel (a co-founder and CTO of Tesla) or Franz von Holzhausen (a man behind the beautiful design of these cars). Their success story must be very inspiring to Matthew’s inner geekiness.

Alan has reached out to community to see if anyone can help to fulfill the dream of a dying man. It didn’t take long for things to be put in motion and the meeting has been arranged, thanks to the efforts of forum members and Tesla employees, including Jon McNeill (Tesla President of Sales and Service). Kudos to Alan for being such a true friend!

It reminds me of another story posted not so long ago about a wish of a dying man to put his hands on Model 3 before his time comes. A wish that has been fulfilled, too.

It’s the stories like this that help to restore the faith in humanity. They encourage us to do more good and be kind to one another. They also put things back in the perspective whenever we are caught up in complaining how miserable we are.


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