Seeing is believing

On a recent trip to Austin I have spotted this beauty parked at the Supercharger:


I have asked the owner if I could snap a quick picture and he kindly agreed.

There’s plenty of reports on Model 3 sightings in various places around the country and the “VIN hunters” are as busy as they can get to predict the current production outputs. Everyone is excited to get their hands on one, or even to just get up close with the production model. This was the first in-person encounter for me and all I can say is that it looks even better in person than on a photo. The pictures I’ve seen (including my own shot above) simply don’t do Model 3 any justice. It is truly a well designed car with modern cues and fully deserving its place as a younger (and a bit smaller) sibling to Model S.

I haven’t “bugged” the gentleman that drove this car too much, there’s plenty of coverage of the interior and features out there anyway. I am excited that I could see it for myself and up close though. It is a long range model, by the way.

I hope Tesla has its worst experience behind and the production will continue ramping up, so all the folks that are eagerly waiting to configure and order one can be satisfied. This car is in position to make a true difference on the car market and speed up the EV adoption rate while looking cool and sexy. I cannot wait for the day when Model 3 is as common as Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius on the road. Hurry up, Tesla. We are all waiting!

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