Clean Disruption? Spot on!

I have recently watched Tony Seba’s “Clean Distruption” keynote again. It was very inspiring the first time round I was introduced to it, but I find that it hasn’t lost any of its timeliness. If anything, Tony’s predictions related to electric vehicles alone are spot on. Just to quote a few headlines from various media:

This is just the beginning, but I believe the EV machine is unstoppable at this point. With so many industry leaders heavily involved in either enhancing the existing battery technology or working on their own projects and with most of the major automakers officially embracing electric vehicles on their road map, things are only going to accelerate.
I fully expect that the charging infrastructure will grow and expand to support an increased number of cars on the roads. Tesla is at the forefront at the moment by already investing heavily in its supercharger network, but others will follow. Both car manufacturers and third party vendors. There is a clear incentive for business owners (hotels, restaurants, shopping malls) to attract this new crowd of electric car owners that will have to stop and recharge the batteries at some point of their journey. I can only imagine this becoming a booming industry on its own in the next few years.
The incentive to shift the resources from fossil fuels to alternative sources of energy should be even clearer now. Solar and wind energy will continue to gain ground, bringing the prices down and making it even more affordable.

One cannot help but to quote was Victor Hugo once remarked: “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come”.

What an exciting time we are living in!

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